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About Us


Soap & Gifts is a new brand that was founded in 2015. We are focused solely on retailers who wish to buy a ready-made product, easy to setup and sell to their consumers.


Our soap products are of a very high quality, carefully produced by hand in Europe. Each fragrance and ingredient is specially designed with the end user in mind. Using our products gives you a sense of luxury and pampering. All products are of natural origin and are not tested on animals.


In addition to our catalogue collection, we also offer new, weekly limited editions in the webshop and via our enewsletter. This gives you the opportunity to always offer something new in your store, boutique or salon. These products are often unique and not available on every street corner... All you have to do is keep an eye on the site and sign up for our mailing list, below.


In our webshop, we also offer fixed installation sales displays to show our box set products in a way that works best for you and your location. Refilling these fixed sales displays is easily done by placing 

orders in our webshop or with your sales representative.


How to buy


Customers from The UK, The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany can place orders from EUR 150 online through our webshop, or can arrange a personal visit by one of our representatives at your location. To do so, please contact us.  Customers from other countries should contact us with their requirements.


Custom branding


We can develop customer products under your own branding. Interested? Please contact us.

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